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        Sodium acetate solution (water
        Iron(II) fumarate(pharmaceutic
        Iron(II) fumarate (feed grade)
        Sodium acetate anhydrous(techn
        Sodium acetate anhydrous (food
        Sodium acetate anhydrous(pharm
        Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
        Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
        Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
        Garlic Oil (feed grade)
        Garlic Oil (pharmaceutical gra
        iron trihydroxide(technical gr
        diisopropylammonium dichloroac

        Nantong Zhongwang Additives Co., Ltd.(Nantong Sudong Chemical Factory) is located in the Rudong city, near the Yellow Sea. It is close to the Yellow Sea in the north, adjacent to Shanghai in the east, face the Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou city and it is abutted on the Xingyang Expressway. So the water and land transportation is very convenient and fast.
        Founded in 1993, our factory has 38,000 square meters floor space and 160 employees, 25% of whom are technicians. Our factory has advanced production equipment...


        Add: No. 68, Fengba Road, Fengli Town, Rudong County, Jiangsu, China
        P. C.: 226408
        Tel: +86-513-84586588; 84573156
        Fax: +86-513-84573311
        Contact: Wang Ming
        E-mail: wm@sudong-chem.com
        URL: www.zhongwang-chem.com www.oapg.org

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