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        Sodium acetate solution (water
        Iron(II) fumarate(pharmaceutic
        Iron(II) fumarate (feed grade)
        Sodium acetate anhydrous(techn
        Sodium acetate anhydrous (food
        Sodium acetate anhydrous(pharm
        Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
        Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
        Acetic acid,sodium salt trihyd
        Garlic Oil (feed grade)
        Garlic Oil (pharmaceutical gra
        iron trihydroxide(technical gr
        diisopropylammonium dichloroac
        Sodium acetate anhydrous (food grade)
        Common Name: Acetic acid,sodium salt trihydrate
        Molecular Formula: C2H3N2O3
        Molecular Weight: 82.03
        Properties: White crystalline powder, no odor, with light bitter taste, melting point is 324°C, relative density is 1.528, easily soluble in water (50g/100ml).
        Technical Index: Quality Index

        Standard Number

        GB 30603-2014


        Index value

        Sodium acetate (CH3COONa) (dry basis), w /% ≥


        Acidity and alkalinity

        By testing

        Lead (Pb) / (mg / Kg) ≤


        Loss on drying, w /% ≤


        Potassium Test

        By testing

        Packing (Storage & Transportation): 25kg composite bag lined with plastic bag, pay attention to moisture.
        Use: Esterfying agent for organic synthesis, used in drug, dye, mordant, buffer, chemical reagent, tanning and other fields.
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